Education for Sustainable Development

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Programme day 1

Programme day 2

The concept

Practical information
and background

UNESCO presents the vision for ESD10

We must learn, if earth shall sustain

10th-11th of March 2005 in Copenhagen
at Christiansborg (Danish Parliament) and Vartov

Thursday 10th of March at Christiansborg and Vartov - 12.00-23.00
Friday 11th of March at Vartov - 8.30-17.30

At the conference you will have the pleasure of listening to:

Opening speech by:
Vice Director, Danish Ministry of Education Torben Kornbech Rasmussen
Member of the Danish Education Committee (Social Democrats) Pernille Blach Hansen
Director, The Danish Outdoor Council Jan Eriksen
Secretary General, the Danish UNESCO National Commission Hjørdis Dalsgaard
Evening Café - music, lectures and debate featuring:
From Busses School: Pupils, Bo Bramming and Lars Fjeldmose
Journalist and Writer Jørgen Steen Nielsen
Art of Life Lakha Lama

Speeches and debate featuring:
Carl Lindberg Former Secretary of State, Sweden
William Scott Professor, University of Bath, England
Domminique Bouchet Professor, University of Southern Denmark
Anders Bondo Christensen President, The Danish Union of Teachers

Café speeches and debate featuring:
Uffe Elbæk Principal, the KaosPilots (Danish Project Leader Education)
Per-Uno Alm Senior Consultant in Respect Europe
Birthe Zimmermann Senior Master, Sønderborg Amtsgymnasium
Bjarne Bruun Jensen Professor, The Danish University of Education
Jeppe Læssøe Senior Lecturer, The Danish University of Education
Kai Arne Armann, leader of The Idea Bank, Norway

The Conference is planned and organized by: Øko-net

United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014

Programme day 1


Thursday 10th of March

Christiansborg - Fællessalen ((the Joint Hall))


12.00-13.00 Registration / Ice water, coffee and tea

13.00-13.50 Opening of the Conference
Opening speech by Lars Myrthu-Nielsen, Chairman of the Conference and leader of the Øko-net Secretariat
Official opening and speech by::
Torben Kornbech Rasmussen, Vice Director, Danish Ministry of Education, the International Unit
Pernille Blach Hansen, Member of the Danish Education Committee (Social Democrats)
Jan Eriksen, Director for The Danish Outdoor Council and president for FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education
Hjørdis Dalsgaard, Secretary General for the Danish UNESCO National Commission

13.50-14.00 How we should learn Day 1 and Day 2 - Introduction to the Conference by Kirsien Paaby, The Idea Bank, Norway

Two introductions, reflection and questions:
14.00-14.30 Carl Lindberg, Former Secretary of State, the Swedish Department for Education and member of UNESCO's Committee for Planning and Implementation: "En international begivenhed - hvad, hvorfor og hvordan?" ("An International Event - What, Why and How?")

14.30-15.00 William Scott, Professor, Department of Education, University of Bath i England:
"ESD: What sort of Education? What sort of Learning? What sort of Decade? A review of options and possibilities"

15.00-15.30 Reflection and questions

15.30-16.00 Break - including coffee, tea and cake

Two introductions, reflection and questions:
16.00-16.30 Domminique Bouchet, Professor in Sociology, Department of Marketing, University of Southern Denmark: "Kan kravene fra markedet og globaliseringen forenes med en bæredygtig uddannelsespolitik?" ("Is it possible to combine the demands of market and globalization with a sustainable policy for education?")

16.30-17.00 Anders Bondo Christensen, teacher and president for The Danish Union of Teachers:
"Holdninger og værdier - hvordan kan vi i uddannelserne reflektere, debattere og handle i forhold til en bæredygtig udvikling?" ("Positions and Values - how can we reflect, debate and act in agreement with Sustainable Development in the Education")

17.00-17.30 Reflection and questions

17.30-17.45 Conclusion of the first part of the Conference

17.45-18.30 Break - the conference continues at Vartov where you will enjoy the dinner and Evening Café

Vartov - Foredragssalen 18.30-23.00

18.30-19.30 Dinner at Basilika - located in the Vartov premises

19.30-23.00 Evening Café - music and debate: A world in change or the changing of the world! Join a journey of experience and learning - meet::
Pupils from Busses School, their teacher Bo Bramming (president for Øko-net) and pianist Lars Fjeldmose
"Sange for Bæredygtig Udvikling" ("Songs for Sustainable Development")
Jørgen Steen Nielsen, Journalist and Writer:
"Fra frihedens slagmarker - billeder fra en verden i hektisk forandring" ("Battlefields of Freedom - Pictures from a rapidly changing world)
Lakha Lama, Art of Life:
"Forandring - kunsten at omstille sig og finde nye veje" ("Change - the Art of Adapting and Finding New Ways")
John Engelbrecht, Philosopher:
"Bæredygtighed, læredygtighed og væredygtighed" ("Sustain-ability, Learn-ability and Be-ability")

Abbreviations explained:
ESD - Education for Sustainable Development
UBU - Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling ("Education for Sustainable Development")
UBU10 - FN's tiår for Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling ("Decade for Education for Sustainable Development")
DESD / ESD10 - Decade for Education for Sustainable Development

At this moment DD is UNESCO's ESD10 mascot. He serves as a temporary logo until a new official logo will be published during the official UNESCO opening of the decade. We expect the logo to be published at the end of February or the beginning of March 2005.. You will find a link to UNESCO's official ESD10-site at


Programme day 2


Friday 11th of March

Folkeoplysnings Samråd og 92-gruppen - Forum for Bæredygtig Udvikling Vartov - Foredragssalen 08.30-17.30

08.30-09.00 Arrival - Check-in

09.00-09.10 Opening speech by Lars Myrthu-Nielsen Chairman of the Conference and Café Dialogue Facilitator Kirsten Paaby, The Idea Bank, Norway

Theme 1:
How do we create the Good Story about ESD in Denmark?

Two introductions and following Café Dialogue 1:
09.10-09.40 Uffe Elbæk, Principal for the KaosPilots:
Bæredygtig udvikling: den umulige, men nødvendige opgave - hvordan gøres ESD10 til en succes? ("Sustainable Development: The impossible but necessary Mission - how do you make a success out of ESD10?")

09.40-10.10 Per-Uno Alm, Senior Consultant in Respect Europe, former Secretary general for The Natural Step (Sweden) and co-founder of Respect Europe:
"Morgendagens uddannelse: bevidstheden om bæredygtig udvikling - hvad kræver det af nytænkning?" ("Education of tomorrow: The Consciousness of Sustainable Development - what sort of New Thinking is required?")

10.10-10.30 Break - including refreshments

10.30-12.30 Café Dialogue 1: How do we create the Good Story about ESD in Denmark?

12.30-13.30 Lunch Buffet at Basilika

Theme 2:
ESD in Denmark - how do we integrate ESD in Danish Education?

Two introductions and following Café Dialogue 2:

13.30-14.00 Birthe Zimmermann, Senior Master, Sønderborg Amtsgymnasium:
"Fra Miljøundervisning til Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling" ("From Environmental Education to Education for Sustainable Development")

14.00-14.30 Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Professor, Research Program for Environmental and Health Education, The Danish University of Education and
Jeppe Læssøe, Senior Lecturer at Department of Educational Anthropology, The Danish University of Education:
"Pædagogiske principper for ESD - er Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling noget andet og mere end udvidet miljøundervisning?" ("Pedagogical Principles for ESD - is Education for Sustainable Development more than just Advanced Environmental Education?")

14.30-16.30 Café Dialogue 2: How do we integrate ESD in Danish Education?

16.30-16.50 Break - including refreshments

16.50-17.15 Kai Arne Armann, leader of The Idea Bank, Norway:
"Pejlemærker for bæredygtig udvikling - ESD10 og samspillet mellem teori og praksis" ("Indicators of Sustainable Development - ESD10 and the interaction between Theory and Practice")

17.15-17.30 Conclusion



The concept: Education for Sustainable Development

The concept was established in 1992 at The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. Chapter 36 in the Agenda 21 Declaration stated that education is crucial to further sustainable development and improve people's ability to solve our environmental and development problems.
The Johannesburg Summit broadened the visions for sustainable development. Once again it was stressed that education is a key factor in realizing the visions. This leaded to a proposal for a Decade for Education for Sustainable Development. The proposal was adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2002 - and the period 2005-2014 was declared United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD or ESD10). UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) was selected to lead the task of informing about and implementing the Decade.

Some links for the international ESD-process:
Learning to change our world
International consultation on Education for Sustainable Development Göteborg, Sweden, 4-7 May 2004 o

Education for a Sustainable Future - ESF
International Conference, Ahmedabad, India,
18th-20th January, 2005 o


Practical information
and background for UN-decade

United Nations Decade 2005-2014 - Education for Sustainable Development: Danish Opening Conference

Time and Place
Thursday the 10th of March 12.00-18.00 at Christiansborg in Fællessalen (the Joint Hall), and 19.00-23.00 at Vartov.

Friday the 11th of March, 9.00-17.30 at Vartov, Farvergade 27, 1463 Copenhagen -

Participation fee / price
Participation in the Conference cost 550 dkr.
Students are offered a discount and can attend the Conference for 425 dkr.
The participation fee covers (naturally) participation and food during the conference.
The Vartov dinner will be served at Basilika (, the new Ecological Lunch- and Party Catering in Copenhagen. It will be possible to buy beer, soft drinks, mineral water and wine on Thursday evening and all Friday.
Sign up
-by calling (+45) 62 24 43 24 or send an email to:
You will have to state your name / job / organization, if any / address / phone / email and web address, if any.
If you sign up before the 10th of February, you will attend at a reduced prize
Deadline: Tuesday 1st of March 2005

When you have signed up we will send you a receipt for your participation fee. You can pay direct using the internet or via Giro.
List of participants and information
In the last week before the conference we will send you some presentations of the Friday's debates. You will also receive the final list of participants and some useful information - e.g. about access to Christiansborg.
Accommodation - private, in a youth hostel or hotel
Accommodation is at your own expense.
We recommend: Danhostel Amager (youth hostel near the Metro), phone (+45) 32 52 29 08 /
DGI-byens Hotel
, phone (+45) 33 29 80 50 /
Hotel Rye, phone (+45) 35 26 52 10

During the conference at Vartov we will establish an exhibition area where you are all welcome to contribute with books, magazines, etc.
Exhibitions of posters and placards are welcome too - call our secretariat for further information and arrangements.

Our secretariat will answer any questions about the conference: Contact
Øko-net, Svendborgvej 9, Ollerup,, 5762 Vester Skerninge
Phone: (+45) 62 24 43 24 / Mobile: 40 73 43 24
Fax: (+45) 62 24 43 23

Email: Homepage:

The Conference is planned and organized by:
Øko-net -
Information about Sustainable Development

The Conference is recommended by:
The Danish UNESCO National Commission
Danish Council for Adult Education
The Danish 92 Group - Danish Forum for Sustainable Development

The Conference is supported by:
Pool and lottery revenues via
Danish Council for Adult Education
- and all our speakers - thank you!


UNESCO presents the vision for ESD10: The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development pursues a global vision:
The vision of education for sustainable development is a world where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from quality education and learn the values, behaviour and lifestyles required for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation. The proposed DESD objectives are to:
1. give an enhanced profile to the central role of education and learning in the common pursuit of sustainable development;
2. facilitate links and networking, exchange and interaction among stakeholders in ESD;
3. provide a space and opportunity for refining and promoting the vision of, and transition to sustainable development - through all forms of learning and public awareness;
4. foster increased quality of teaching and learning in education for sustainable development;
5. develop strategies at every level to strengthen capacity in ESD.

The Danish ESD10 Opening Conference:
- provides an outstanding opportunity to meet people from the Danish Education System as well as Danish and international supporters of the process following the Rio and Johannesburg summits about Sustainable Development. The conference is aimed at all kinds of decision makers and teachers in the Danish Education System as well as students, consultants, scientists, grass-roots, organizations, authorities and employees, who might all be interested in Education for Sustainable Development.
The conference will introduce you to many different views at ESD in Denmark from many levels in the Education System. It will cover a broad range of aspects - from basic school to adult education. One of the main purposes of the conference is to provide the opportunity to create networks and take part in the dialogue and debate related to the presented themes and invited speakers.



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